Notice to All Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) Facilities with Engines

Rule 1179.1 Advisory Notice - (PDF, 149kb) February 13, 2024
Correction to references contained in Appendix 1 of Rule 1179.1.

Notice to All Warehouse Owners and Operators Regarding Upcoming Enforcement Action and Potential Daily Penalties

South Coast AQMD Rule 2305 – Warehouse Indirect Source Rule – Warehouse Actions and Investments to Reduce Emissions (WAIRE) Program was adopted in May 2021. This rule was developed to reduce NOx and PM emissions associated with warehouses and the mobile sources attracted to warehouses.  

The following link contains the issued compliance advisory focusing on providing guidance to warehouses that are subject to the requirements. 

Notice to Owner/ Operator of RECLAIM Facility (or Former RECLAIM Facility) with Boilers, Steam Generators, Water Heaters, and Process Heaters

Rule 1100- Implementation Schedule for NOx Facilities, amended in January 2020, establishes the implementation schedule for facilities that are currently, or were previously, part of the RECLAIM program and are transitioning to a command-and-control regulatory structure. 

The following link contains the issued compliance advisory focusing on providing guidance to facilities that operate boilers subject to the requirements of subdivision (e).


Notice to Owner/Operator of Perchloroethylene (PERC) Dry Cleaning Equipment

As of January 1, 2021, all PERC dry cleaning systems within South Coast AQMD must be removed from service by physically removing the machine, or by disconnecting utilities (electric, steam) to the machine and draining all PERC from the machine tanks. 

The following links contain issued advisory notices to owners/operators of PERC dry cleaning equipment, listed by the most current date of issuance:


 퍼클로로에틸렌 드라이 클리닝 기기 소유자 및 사용자에 대한 공지 :



Under federal and state law, the South Coast Air Quality Management District is under a legal obligation to enforce air pollution regulations. These regulations are primarily meant to ensure that the surrounding (or ambient) air meets federal and state air quality standards. The South Coast AQMD also has broad authority to regulate toxic and hazardous air emissions, and these regulations are enforced in the same manner as those which pertain to the ambient air quality standards.


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Rule 1111 (PDF, 134kb)
For information on high altitude furnaces, please contact staff at

Rule 1147 Amendment (PDF, 143kb)
Rule 1147 - Nitrogen Oxide Reductions from Miscellaneous Sources amended in September 2011. 

Rule 1173 Amendment (PDF, 482kb)
Definition of term "Tamper-proof" and other amended rule revisions regarding pressure relief devices.


Rule 1100/1146 Series Advisory Notice - (PDF, 245kb) November 27, 2019
Advisory notice for December 7, 2019 deadline to submit a complete permit to construct for boilers, steam generators, and process heaters that are subject to the Rule 1146 series as it applies to refineries and related industries that will be subject to the forthcoming Proposed Rule 1109.1. 

Rule 1110.2 Advisory (PDF, 276kb)
Compliance advisory for the use of emergency standby engines, beyond the 200 hour per year limit, during Wildfire Mitigation Plan Prospective Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) Events, to comply with South Coast AQMD Rule 1110.2 - Emissions from Gaseous - and Liquid-Fueled Engines.

Rule 1144 Advisory (PDF, 103kb)
Important notice to all manufacturers, suppliers and users of metalworking fluids and direct‐contact lubricants regarding rule clarification.

Rule 1147 Advisory (PDF, 1.45mb)
Compliance advisory for operators of small or medium sized combustion equipment, using gaseous or liquid fuels that require a South Coast AQMD permit, to comply with emissions of South Coast AQMD Rule 1147 - Nitrogen Oxides Reduction from Miscellaneous Sources.  

Rule 1469 Advisory (Dec, 2018) (PDF, 357 kb)
Rule 1469 Advisory (Apr, 2019) (PDF, 502 kb)
Rule requirements for chromium electroplating and chromic acid anodizing facilities as amended November 2, 2018

Rule 1470 Advisory (PDF, 92kb)
Requirements for new stationary diesel-fueled internal combustion and other compression ignition engines.




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