Rule 1466 – Control of Particulate Emissions from Soils with Toxic Air Contaminants

The purpose of Rule 1466 is to minimize off-site fugitive dust emissions from earth-moving activities at sites containing specific toxic air contaminants by establishing dust control measures.

Rule 1466 applies to any owner or operator conducting earth-moving activities of soil with applicable toxic air contaminant(s) as defined in paragraph (c)(16) of the rule that have been identified as contaminant(s) of concern at a site.  The rule focuses on the toxic air contaminants listed in Table I of the rule.  The provisions in Rule 1466 include ambient PM10 monitoring, dust control measures, notification, signage, and recordkeeping requirements.  Rule 1466 allows for alternative signage that is approved by the Executive Officer.  The rule does not apply to earth-moving activities of soil with applicable toxic air contaminant(s) of less than 50 cubic yards.

Notification Requirements

At least 72 hours and no more than 30 days prior to conducting any earth-moving activities on any site meeting the applicability of the rule, the owner or operator shall submit an electronic initial notification to the South Coast Air Quality Management District of the intent to conduct any earth-moving activities. Additionally, Rule 1466 requires that initial notifications shall be updated when any of the following conditions arise: earlier or later start date, change in exemption status, or change in completion date.   The owner or operator shall submit the following:

  •  Rule 1466 Notification Online Form

  • Map indicating the specific location(s) of each earth-moving activity and the concentrations of applicable toxic air contaminant(s) and location of PM10 monitors

  • A hardcopy of the completed form, the above specified map and a check for the notification fee of $76.55 (pursuant to Rule 301) per notification, postmarked within 48 hours of online submittal to:

South Coast AQMD- Rule 1466 Notifications
File # 55641
Los Angeles, CA  90074-5641

This form shall be used for notification updates as well, provided that the requirements of section (f)(2) of the rule are met.

Exceedance Notifications

Within 72 hours of an exceedance of the PM10 emission limit specified in subdivision (d), the owner or operator shall electronically notify the South Coast AQMD of the exceedance by submitting the following:

Emergency Notifications

Rule 1466 allows for emergency notifications, given that the requirements of section (k)(5) [Emergency life-threatening situation or officially declared disaster or state of emergency] or section (k)(6) [Essential service utilities] are met.  For emergency notifications meeting the requirements, notify electronically no later than 48 hours following such earth-moving activities by submitting the following:

Work not meeting the requirements of an emergency is subject to General Notifications.  If work proceeds and is not considered an emergency, it may be considered as a violation of Rule 1466.

Voiding of Notifications

To request cancelation of a Rule 1466 notification, submit the following:

Recordkeeping Templates

The owner or operator shall maintain records for a period of not less than three years and shall make such records available to demonstrate compliance with the rule.  The following logs are examples of South Coast AQMD approved formats.  

Dust Control Supervisor Training Class 

Dust Control supervisors who oversee Rule 1466 applicable operations are required to successfully complete the three-hour Dust Control in the South Coast Air Basin training class.  For information on the class, please click here.

Executive Officer Pre-Approved PM10 Monitors

The PM10 monitoring method must be a federal equivalent method or an Executive Officer approved method.  The alternative PM10 monitor must meet the requirements in Appendix I of the rule.  Click here for a list of pre-approved PM10 monitors and for more information as to how to submit a request for monitor pre-approval.

For assistance regarding Rule 1466, send an email to

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