South Coast AQMD guidelines 

South Coast AQMD provides guidelines to help the regulated community and the public comply with the many requirements stipulated by regulation or policy. A complete listing of South Coast AQMD’s guidelines and guidance documents is provided below:

AB 2588 Risk Assessment Guidelines (PDF, 1 MB)

AB2766 Resource Guide (PDF, 244kb) 

Air Quality Planning Guidance

Annual Emission Reporting Guidelines (scroll down on the page)

BACT Guidelines

Enforcement Guidelines

Guidelines for Demonstrating Equivalency with District-Approved Transfer Efficient Spray Guns (PDF, 52kb)

Modeling Guidelines for AERMOD

RECLAIM Implementation Guidance Document(PDF, 660kb)

Rule 1118 Implementation Guidance Document (PDF 839 kb) (August, 2007)

Rule 1193 Implementation Guidance  (PDF, 480 kb)

Rule 1195 Implementation Guidance  (PDF, 835 kb)

Rule 2202 AVR Survey Support Guide (PDF, 105kb) 

Rule 2202 Employee Commute Reduction Program Guidelines (PDF, 203kb)

Rule 2202 Implementation Guidelines (PDF, 154kb)

Source Test Technical Guidance

Title V Technical Guidance Document 

Title V Periodic Monitoring Guidelines (PDF, 289kb)

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