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Active Advisories

Wildfire Smoke Advisories

Smoke advisories are issued for large fires in or near the South Coast AQMD jurisdiction and are intended to provide a summary of current/past air quality and provide predictions of future smoke impacts. Even in areas far from fires or areas not covered by a smoke advisory, if you can smell smoke or see ash from a wildfire, avoid or limit outdoor activities. For information about the effects of wildfires on your health, and how to reduce exposures, please see our Wildfire Smoke & Ash Health & Safety Tips page

Dust Windblown Dust & Ash Advisories

CBYB Residential No Burn Alert

Odor InconOdor Advisory

Other Special Advisories

Current South Coast AQMD Air Quality Readings, Map and Forecasts:

South Coast AQMD Forecast Areas and Air Monitoring Areas Map (PDF, 365kb)

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Residential Wood Burning Fireplaces

In effect from November 1 through the end of February
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Learn How to Protect Your Health During Wildfires
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