Type of Information Available

F.I.N.D. provides non-confidential facility information.

What Information Does F.I.N.D. Provide?

F.I.N.D. provides non-confidential facility information, organized by links to detail pages. You can access the detailed information for each topic by clicking on the appropriate tab in the blue bar below the title (see image below).  Information available within each tab is as follows: 

Facility Details tab: facility name, address, facility status (active, out-of-business, etc.) and standard industrial classification code.

Equipment List tab: application and permit number, permit and application status, application and permit issue dates, and equipment type and description.  The application number links to an Application Details page that includes a link to the permit image (if available).

Compliance tab: history of notices of violation and recent notices to comply (from January 2003 to present).  NOV and NC details can be viewed by clicking on the notice number.

Emissions tab: reported criteria and toxic emissions by year and pollutant type for the years that data are currently available in the database.  Note that not all active facilities are required to submit an annual emissions report, only those emitting more than 4 tons/year of any criteria pollutant (CO, NOx, ROG, SOx, or particulates) or any amount of a toxic pollutant.

Hearing Board tab: case tracking data and imaged documents.

Transportation tabRule 2202-On Road Motor Vehicle Mitigation Options (PDF) transportation plan details, including due dates, current state and Plan Reviewer contact information.

The link on the active tab will be underlined to help you identify where you are in the detail pages (Facility Details in the example image below).  

Facility Detail tab with basic info

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