The South Coast AQMD’s Governing Board periodically adopts initiatives to provide new frameworks to help further reduce air pollution and achieve clean air goals. An initiative can provide the first step in a new direction or serve as a strategy for investigating solutions to complex issues such as improving the region’s business climate, ensuring environmental equity, or facilitating research on the effects of air pollution

Climate Change

For the last two decades, as part of its efforts to reduce local air pollution, South Coast AQMD has promoted a number of programs to combat climate change. For instance, South Coast AQMD has promoted energy conservation, low-carbon fuel technologies (natural gas vehicles; electric-hybrids, hydraulic-hybrids, and battery-electric vehicles), renewable energy, vehicle miles traveled (VMT) reduction programs, and market incentive programs.
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Environmental Justice

The purpose of South Coast AQMD's Environmental Justice program is to ensure that everyone has the right to equal protection from air pollution and fair access to the decision-making process that works to improve the quality of air within their communities. This program includes the Environmental Community Justice Partnership (EJCP), an initiative designed to strengthen relationships and build alliances with community members and organizations across the region.
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Clean Port

The twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are the largest in the nation as well as the single largest fixed source of air pollution in Southern California.  Collectively, sources at the port are responsible for more than 100 tons per day of smog- and particulate-forming nitrogen oxides – more than the daily emissions from all 6 million cars in the region.
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Community Efforts

All of our residents, businesses, local governments, and local organizations play an integral part in helping us achieve our clean air goals. Whether it’s helping to fund research through the Health Effects of Air Pollution Foundation; providing direct funds to school districts through the Clean School Bus Program or assisting with a call-to-action by “getting involved” through the many public participation opportunities listed below, all of these efforts help us in “cleaning the air that we breathe.”
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Powering the Future

In setting forth the “Powering the Future” vision, the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the Southern California Association of Governments and the California Air Resources Board aim to stimulate more active dialogue about positive change.
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