South Coast AQMD Regulation III details specific fees and how they are applied

South Coast AQMD Regulation III details specific fees and how they are applied. This regulation can be downloaded from the following link: Rules & Regulations. It can also be ordered by calling South Coast AQMD's Public Information Center at 909-396-3600.

Online Fee Payments

South Coast AQMD now offers online fee payment for invoices and permit application processing fees using credit card, debit card or E-Check.

Invoice Fee Payment Portal
Use this link if you have an invoice from the South Coast AQMD (i.e. annual renewals, flat emissions fees, Hot Spots, etc.)

Permit Application Processing Fee Portal
Use this option for permit application processing fees ONLY. Using this link to pay any existing invoice may cause your payment not to post properly to your account.

Permit processing fee

When you apply for a permit, you must pay a permit processing fee. The fee must accompany the application in order for the application to be processed. Permit processing fees are established by South Coast AQMD’s Governing Board, based on the size and complexity of the equipment to be permitted and, in some instances, the type of air pollution being emitted. Fees for processing of permit applications are shown in Rule 301 (PDF).

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Fee reductions for multiple permits

If a business seeks permits for more than one identical unit, the full fee is only required for the first unit. Each additional unit is charged a reduced fee according to Rule 301.[Return to Top]

Reduced fees for small businesses

Small businesses are entitled to lower fee rates as shown in Rule 301. A small business is defined by South Coast AQMD Rule 102 and Rule 301.
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Permit fees for certified/registered equipment

Certain types of equipment are already certified by their manufacturer. Under this system, businesses can obtain permits for certified/registered equipment quickly, either by mail or over the counter. Fees for such permits are lower than those for permits requiring individual review according to Rule 301 provisions.
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Higher permit fee for failing to obtain a permit

If equipment is operated, built, erected, installed, altered or replaced without first obtaining a required permit it shall be subject to a higher processing fee according to Rule 301 (c)(1)(D).
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Annual operating permit renewal fee

You will be billed each year for the annual operating fee listed in Rule 301. This fee must be paid by the due date on the billing statement to avoid cancellation of your permit which could result in a reinstatement fee.
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Annual operating permit emission fees

Industrial sources must pay fees for releasing certain air pollutants in excess of four tons per year. The one exception is carbon monoxide (CO). The fees for CO are based on emissions of 100 tons or more.

Fees for emissions are affixed on a per ton basis. The pollutants include reactive organic compounds (ROC), specific organic, particulate matter (PM or PM10), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulfur oxides (SOx). You will be billed for annual operating permit emission fees according to Rule 301 (PDF). If no payment is received a late payment penalty shall be assessed.
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South Coast AQMD Fee Review Committee

If you have reason to believe that your fees were assessed incorrectly or in a way that is inconsistent with Regulation III, please contact the Public Advisor at 909-396-3122 and request a petition to have your fees reviewed by South Coast AQMD’s Fee Review Committee.
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