Understanding South Coast AQMD Permits

A South Coast AQMD permit is a written authorization to build, install, alter, replace, or operate equipment that emits or controls the emission of air contaminants, like oxides of nitrogen (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), fine particulate matter (PM10), oxides of sulfur (SOx), or toxics.

State and federal clean air regulations mean that air pollution control permits are a part of doing business in the Basin. Permits ensure that emission controls meet the need for our region to make steady progress toward achieving and maintaining federal and state air quality standards.

To see the current air quality standards, visit the California Air Resources Board website regarding California Air Quality StandardsLink to external website. and Health & Air PollutionLink to external website.. See also the current list of state and federal ambient air quality standards (PDF, 30kb). Also visit the U.S. Environmental Protection AgencyLink to external website. website.

Answers to typical questions regarding permit requirements and application submittal procedures may be found on the Permit Requirements and Application Submittal Procedures page. A description of South Coast AQMD's permitting process is located at What Happens When I Submit My Permit Application to South Coast AQMD?

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If you need permit application forms or other permit processing-related assistance, our Permit Services representatives are ready to help you. Just  call 909-396-3385. We’re here to serve you!


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