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General questions regarding air quality regulatory processes and compliance

How does the air quality regulatory process work?

Under the Federal Clean Air Act, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) establishes health-based air quality standards that all states must achieve. The California Clean Air Act also establishes requirements for cities and counties to meet. The South Coast Air Quality Management District (South Coast AQMD) develops plans and regulations designed to achieve these public health standards by reducing emissions from business and industry. South Coast AQMD’s Governing Board adopts plans and regulations for the region and then submits them to the California Air Resources BoardLink to external website. and the Federal EPALink to external website..

How does the South Coast AQMD rulemaking process work?

South Coast AQMD staff develops rules designed to reduce air pollution. The economic impact of each rule is carefully analyzed and South Coast AQMD allows an opportunity for public input on every proposed rule. At public workshops, the public can voice suggestions and concerns about the impact of a proposed rule. A final public hearing is held before the South Coast AQMD Governing Board before it can vote on a proposed or amended rule.

How can I comment on South Coast AQMD rules that might affect my business?

Public workshops and public hearings provide forums for public participation. If you wish to receive a written response to your questions or comments, submit your written comments to the appropriate Rule Coordinator. This person can be identified by calling South Coast AQMD’s Public Information Center at (909) 396-2039.

How can I find out about new rules or amendments?

There are several ways to keep informed or receive notices about new rules. South Coast AQMD Rules and Regulations can be ordered from South Coast AQMD’s Public Information Center (909) 396-2039, or downloaded from the website.

How can I find out how to comply with South Coast AQMD rules and requirements?

Call or email the Small Business Assistance Office at 1-800-388-2121 to arrange for a South Coast AQMD representative to inspect your facility, without penalty, to let you know what is required.

South Coast AQMD also offers compliance classes designed to help facility owners and operators understand rule and permit requirements. For more information or to register for a compliance class, call South Coast AQMD’s 1-800-425-6247 (1-800-4-CLN-AIR), or e-mail us at

Cars, buses, and trucks generate more smoke than my business. Why not concentrate efforts on them?

South Coast AQMD and other agencies work to limit emissions from vehicles through the following programs:

  • South Coast AQMD’s CUT-SMOG Smoking Vehicles Program reduces pollution from cars, trucks and buses. Citizens are encouraged to call 1-800-CUT-SMOG toll-free to report their observations of smoking vehicles. Over 9,000 smoking vehicle reports are received over this hotline each month. Owners of smoking vehicles receive Cut-Smog letters advising them that their vehicles have been observed emitting excessive smoke and asking them to take steps to solve the problem.

  • California Air Resources Board requirements will make most new cars sold in this state significantly cleaner than current models. Also, ARB has established requirements for zero emission vehicles.

Can South Coast AQMD provide speakers to discuss air pollution issues with business groups?

Yes. South Coast AQMD’s Speaker’s Bureau features experts on a variety of topics who are available to speak to civic or business groups. Just fill out and submit the Speakers Request & Visit Form (PDF). Please be sure to include information about the subject of the meeting, audiences, date, time, etc., so that we may match our speakers to meet your organization’s needs.

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