Community - Clean Air Choices

Individuals, organizations and local businesses can participate in helping to clean the air by making clean air choices.


The Clean Air Choices program provides a one-stop resource for information on the benefits of using clean technologies on the road and in your home.

The following is a simple step-by-step video highlighting how to apply for the Residential Electric Lawn Mower Rebate Program, which is available year round. Join your neighbors in mowing down air pollution!

Clean Air Awards

The annual Clean Air Awards program recognizes companies, organizations and individuals who have made outstanding clean air contributions to the health of our communities and economy.

On the Road: Clean Vehicles

Clean Air Choices promotes the transition to clean vehicles by placing clean vehicle decision-making solutions in the palm of your hand.

In Your Home: Clean Air

Clean Air Choices promotes the use of non-toxic materials and low emission equipment in your home. We want to provide resources to assist in making healthy home choices.

Other programs that provide ways to help clean the air in your home and neighborhood can be accessed through the links below.

  • Check Before You Burn

    From Nov. 1 - end of Feb., residents are asked to "Check Before You Burn" before burning wood in fireplaces

    Clean Air Choices Links

    Resources for information on clean air vehicles, energy conservation, and the environment

  • CLEANair Furnace Rebate Program

    This program provided an incentive to residents within the South Coast AQMD’s Jurisdiction who purchased and installed a compliant furnace that met the Rule 1111 Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emission limit.

    Electric Lawn and Garden Equipment

    Help clean the air by replacing lawn and garden equipment for lower emission models at substantial discounts

  • Green Painter's Guide

    Steps for a conscientious painter

    Non-Toxic Dry Cleaners

    Professional cleaners in the region that use non-perchloroethylene alternative technologies

  • Old Vehicle Scrapping

    Encouragement to retire older, higher-emitting vehicles that would otherwise be driven for 3 or more years


    Get involved to help impact clean air policy and the decision-making process

  • Replace Your Ride

    Qualified applicants could receive up to $9,500 to replace their existing cars with newer, cleaner vehicles or other clean modes of transportation (such as transit passes or car-sharing).

    Residential EV Charging Incentive Program

    A residential Electric Vehicle charging incentive pilot program to offset charger hardware costs

  • Wood Stove & Fireplace Change-Out Incentive Program

    South Coast AQMD is offering an incentive to replace wood burning devices with a cleaner burning alternative.

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