Backlog Reduction Action Plan of 2016

Backlog Reduction Action Plan of 2016

In June 2016, South Coast AQMD embarked on an aggressive effort to expeditiously reduce its pending permit application inventory.  To assist with this effort and improve permit processing efficiency, South Coast AQMD’s Board approved an action plan including measures to help optimize use of current resources as well as opportunities to modernize and automate permit processing.  A dashboard tool was developed to track progress in reducing the pending permit application inventory and help communicate the age of pending applications.

Permit Applications Dashboard:

Successful implementation of the 2016 Action Plan resulted in the following achievements:


Reduced Pending Applications

Reduced the number of pending permit applications by over 50% from the initial June 2016 baseline.

Pending Apps 2016-2018 - #1

Optimized Productivity

Improved overall use of current resources focused on optimizing productivity.

Apps Processed  vs Reviewed #2


Exceeded Production Goals

Increased application production rates, exceeding annual fiscal year goals established for total applications processed and for permits to construct issued in both years under the plan:

Apps Processed Exceeding Goals #3


Improved Organizational Effectiveness

  • Reduced permitting staff vacancy rates.

  • Developed permitting tool prototypes for online submittal and processing of simpler high-use process equipment.

Continued implementation of action plan initiatives is expected to allow staff to maintain historically low working inventory levels while providing additional opportunities for operational efficiencies through the introduction and advancement of the following:

  • Roll-out of subsequent online permitting and application filing tools.

  • Updated and harmonized engineering policies, procedures and guidelines.

  • Improved pending application metric granularity and application status dashboard.

    Pending Apps with and without PCs Issued #4South Coast AQMD. (2018, May 29). SCAQMD Slashes Permit Applications Inventory by 50 percent [Press Release].

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