Best Available Control Technology (BACT)

DRAFT Proposed Amended BACT Guidelines

Draft Proposed Amended BACT Guidelines - Overview, Parts A, C, E and F download here
 Draft Proposed Amended BACT Guidelines, Part B, BACT Determinations download here
Draft Proposed Amended BACT Guidelines, Part D, BACT Determinations download here
5/11/16 BACT SRC Meeting Presentation download here

To obtain a permit from SCAQMD, owners and/or operators of equipment that emits air contaminants may be required to comply with the new source review (NSR) requirements of SCAQMD's Regulation XIII or Rule 2005 (PDF). One possible requirement is the application of Best Available Control Technology (BACT). 

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The BACT Guidelines are in the process of periodic updates as new BACT determinations and Guidelines are established.

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