Notices for New BACT Determinations


BACT Scientific Review Committee Follow-up Meeting to October 26, 2017 Meeting

Date & Time:  December 12, 2017 @ 9 am to 11 am - Click for meeting agenda

Notices for New BACT Determinations

The public participation process in BACT determinations was enhanced to include technical review and comments by a focused Scientific Review Committee (SRC) at periodic intervals, prior to the updates of the SCAQMD BACT Guidelines. At the same time, a 30-day notice period has been established for the SRC and interested persons to review and comment on SCAQMD BACT determinations that result in BACT requirements that are more stringent than previously imposed BACT, the following are notices of new BACT determinations that are more stringent than prior BACT requirements by SCAQMD.

Recent  BACT Notices:

The public comment period for the new draft BACT Determinations presented at the October 26, 2017 Scientific Review Committee meeting will end at 5 p.m. on November 27, 2017.

Written comments should be addressed to:
South Coast Air Quality Management District
Science and Technology Advancement
21865 Copley Dr.
Diamond Bar, CA 91765-0934

Comments may also be submitted via E-mail to

Documents presented at the meeting:
 - BACT SRC Meeting Presentation Slides
 - LAER Section 1 Draft BACT Determinations
 - LAER Section 3 Draft BACT Determinations
 - MSBACT Draft BACT Determinations