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Permitting Process

  • Background on SCAQMD's Permitting Program

    The AQMD's permitting program has been established to implement the requirements of the federal and state Clean Air Act (CAA), the Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP) and air quality rules and regulations by specifying operating and compliance requirements for stationary sources that emit air contaminants. In order to comply with federal and state CAA requirements, all major and non-major sources in SOCAB  are subject to "no net emission increase" and BACT and/or LAER source-specific, prohibitory and toxics rules (federal, state and local) as well as other applicable requirements. 

  • Permit Types

    The most common types of applications filed at SCAQMD are for Permit to Construct (PC) or Permit to Operate (PO). Prior to installation of new or relocated equipment, or prior to modification of an existing equipment, the operator of the equipment is required to obtain a PC from the SCAQMD. Once a piece of equipment is installed, modified and/or operated, SCAQMD processes the application for a PO. In cases where equipment is installed without a prior PC, the SCAQMD also processes the application directly for a PO. In cases of Off the shelf type equipment, the SCAQMD issues a one-step PC/PO.

  • Types of Permit Applications

    • Permit to Construct (P/C): for a new or relocated equipment as well as alteration (both physical modification and change of operating conditions) of existing equipment. These applications always receive a high priority for processing.
    • Permit to Operate (P/O): for equipment that is installed and/or is operated with or without a prior P/C (a prior P/C or in cases where no prior P/C was issued, the application acts as a temporary P/O until a final P/O is processed).
    • Change of Conditions : for changes to the permit conditions, such as operating limits, monitoring and recordkeeping requirements, and other permit requirements.
    • Alteration/Modification: for changes to the equipment or process.
    • Change of Operator: for change of operator for an existing permit.
    • Plans : required under some SCAQMD rules and regulations (i.e., RECLAIM Rule 2009, Excavations Rule 1150, etc.) for compliance demonstrations and are subject to SCAQMD approval.
    • Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs): for issuance of ERCs generated due to equipment shut down or over controls.
    • Title V: required for initial issuance or subsequent revisions of Title V facility permits.
    • RECLAIM: for facilities subject to the REgional CLean Air Incentives Market.
  • Permitting Program

    All applications for permit to construct and Permit to Operate are evaluated for compliance with the prohibitory rules, one or more source specific rules, new source review rules for criteria and toxic air contaminants and other applicable rules and regulations.

    In addition, all applications have to meet the requirements for Public Notice, if applicable. Public notices are required for facilities that have risks or emissions that exceed the specified thresholds or for equipment located within 1,000 feet of a school. All such public notices are distributed to the communities near the project and parents of children attending nearby schools and are subject to a 30-day public comment period.

    For Title V permits, public notices are required for Initial Title V permits, Renewals (5 years) and Revisions. For Tile V permits, in addition to the 30-day public comment period, there is also a requirement for a 45-day review period by EPA. Title V permits can only be issued after the public notice period is concluded and after taking into consideration any comments received during the public and EPA comment periods.

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Do I Need a Permit?

To determine if your equipment needs a permit or is subject to a filing requirement:
  1. Check SCAQMD Rule 219 to determine if the equipment is exempt from requiring a permit.
  2. If the equipment is exempt as per Rule 219, check Rule 222 to determine if the equipment is subject to filing requirements.
  3. If your equipment is subject to filing requirements, see Rule 222 Filing Program for more information on filing.
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How Do I Obtain a Permit?

  • To apply for a permit:

    Submit Form 400A, Form 400-CEQA and a supplemental Form 400-E-xx (for certain equipment type) for each equipment along with applicable fees. See the Common Operations and Equipment for a list of equipment with respective forms and contact information.

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Application Forms

Application forms for permits and plans, as listed below, are available on the Permit Application Forms web page:

  • Permit to Construct and Operate
  • Plan Approval
  • Title V and RECLAIM Forms
  • Business Name Change
  • Mailing Address Change
  • Inactivate/Reactivate Permits
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Application Status

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Guidelines and Policies

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Need more help?

If you need permit application forms or help to make sure all necessary information is provided, our Permit Services representatives are ready to help you and can be reached by calling (909) 396-3385.

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