Limitations of F.I.N.D.

F.I.N.D. has limitations and best practices are helpful for a successful search.

What are F.I.N.D.'s Limitations? 

Please keep in mind there are limitations to F.I.N.D. and ways to use it most effectively.  As with any system that uses data from many sources, we anticipate that users may find some information that is not up-to-date, is missing, or is not accurate.  Also keep in mind that South Coast AQMD provides this information as a resource tool and uses its best efforts to make it as useful as possible. South Coast AQMD does not, however, take any responsibility for a person or company relying on the information obtained through F.I.N.D.; and does not have any control or responsibility for how the information obtained is used by a person or company.

Some of the other key things to note include the following:
  1. Why are some facilities missing from the results of a geographical search?  
    Not all facilities with permitted equipment have been geo-coded (that is, the facility address has not been converted into geographical coordinates) and some have been geo-coded erroneously.  The amount and quality of the geo-coded data will improve over time.

  2. Why does an active facility have no active permits or applications?  
    There are several ways a facility can be part of South Coast AQMD’s enterprise database and having permitted equipment is the most common.  Examples of other types of active facilities include facilities subject to Rule 2202 (On-Road Motor Vehicle Mitigation Options) or facilities that have outstanding Emission Reduction Credits that can still be traded.

  3. Why does F.I.N.D. return a result of "NONE" for Notices to Comply (NCs) when there have been notices issued for a particular facility?  
    An NC is a "fix it" ticket that is issued for minor administrative or paperwork violations, such as having incomplete records or not posting a copy of the permit near the equipment.  If the recipient fixes the problem within two weeks, South Coast AQMD does not take additional action.  The F.I.N.D. Compliance page returns only the most recent NCs, those received since January 1, 2003, so older NCs will not be found.  If you need to find an older NC, you will need to make a public records request.

  4. How much information can I retrieve?  
    In order to maintain acceptable performance levels for everyone, the number of rows you can retrieve is currently limited to 3000.  If your request exceeds this limit you will be asked to refine your search.

  5. Browser Information.  
    F.I.N.D. has been designed to run using Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer (version 11 or higher). For best results, use a screen setting of 1024 X 768 pixels with a "Text Size" setting of Medium (or Small).

    If the map is not displaying correctly in Internet Explorer, please make sure that the "Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering" setting is unchecked. Follow the steps below to navigate to this setting.

    From the top right corner of the Internet Explorer window, click on Tools and select Internet Options

IE options menu

Click on the Advanced tab, uncheck "Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering*" setting and click OK.

 IE Advanced property

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