The South Coast AQMD's RECLAIM (REgional CLean Air Incentives Market) Program is the world's first comprehensive market program for reducing air pollution.

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What is RECLAIM? RECLAIM uses the power of the marketplace to reduce air pollutants from stationary sources, an approach to air quality regulation that has the potential to clean up our air more effectively than traditional regulations. For businesses, RECLAIM means greater flexibility and a financial incentive to reduce air pollution beyond what clean air laws and traditional command-and-control rules require. For the public, RECLAIM means guaranteed annual reductions in air pollution until public health standards are achieved. Learn More

RECLAIM Trading Credits
Each firm participating in RECLAIM receives RECLAIM trading credits (RTCs) equal to its annual emissions limit. Facilities must hold credits equal to their actual emissions, but they can sell excess credits to firms that cannot or choose not to meet their limits. Because businesses are different, some can reduce emissions more easily and at less cost than others. Credits are assigned each year and can be bought or sold for use within that year. No matter who buys or sells credits, RECLAIM requires that total emissions from all participating companies be reduced each year. TRADING AND PRICING INFORMATION

RECLAIM Documents and Reports
The effect of the RECLAIM program is documented in a number of reports issued regularly by South Coast AQMD. These reports include annual program audit reports, quarterly reports on the twelve-month rolling average price of NOx RTCs, quarterly emission maps, compliance advisories, and Regulation XX rule amendments. DOCUMENTS

Electronic Reporting
RECLAIM requires participant facilities to report emissions more frequently including the use of continuous emission monitoring systems for major sources to determine actual mass emissions from these sources and report electronically on a daily basis. Non-major sources report manually on a quarterly basis. South Coast AQMD has established several on-line systems for reporting, verifying transmission of reports, and confirming data acceptance. ACCESS ELECTRONIC REPORTING

RECLAIM forms include monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting forms for RECLAIM facilities, and trading forms for RTC transactions. All forms can be found in the Forms Library. RECLAIM FORMS

RECLAIM Facility NOx Emissions

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