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Help for government policymakers in adopting & implementing appropriate local air quality policies

Local governments play an important role in South Coast AQMD’s strategy to meet federal and state clean air standards within the South Coast Air Basin. The forming and strengthening of these partnerships with local governments also provides an opportunity to improve local air quality by identifying and resolving those localized air pollution problems that may represent a health hazard to the local community.

It is South Coast AQMD’s responsibility to represent the residents of the South Coast Air Basin by influencing the decisions of other agencies whose actions might have an effect on air quality (California Health & Safety Code section 40412).

To meet this mandate, South Coast AQMD has established a Local Government Relations Program to assist cities, counties, special districts, and other local government agencies with air quality issues.

Assigned throughout the basin on a geographic basis by cities and regions, South Coast AQMD's Legislative-Public Affairs regional staff are the point of contact for local communities on South Coast AQMD rules, policies, programs, and positions on clean air legislation.  This staff also acts as a conduit between South Coast AQMD and local governments, ensuring that South Coast AQMD keeps abreast of local governments' needs and sensitivities.

Services provided to local governments through this regional staff program include:

  • Providing updates on South Coast AQMD’s legislative agendas and South Coast AQMD-supported air quality legislation, including legislative summaries and fact sheets. 

  • Assisting local governments in improving local air quality through implementing South Coast AQMD clean air programs, and using planning tools such as South Coast AQMD guidance documents with suggested policies for cities, counties and school districts; low-emission vehicle acquisition, funding resources and building related information.

  • Providing assistance in resolving local air quality problems that could represent a health hazard to community residents. Local governments are encouraged to report all air quality complaints to South Coast AQMD by calling 1-800-CUT-SMOG.

  • Participation in various community and business events, city council meetings and other local and regional forums.  


  • AB 2766 Motor Vehicle Subvention Program

    The AB 2766 Subvention Program is a funding source for cities and counties to encourage the development of measures or projects that result in the reduction of motor vehicle emissions

    Programs & Services

    Assistance for government policymakers in adopting and implementing local air quality policies

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