How to Search in F.I.N.D.

This flexible inquiry module provides you with three (3) different ways to search for information about regulated facilities.

How Do I Find Information in F.I.N.D.?

F.I.N.D.  provides access to consolidated public information about regulated facilities.  This information includes facility details, equipment lists, compliance history, reported emissions, and hearing board case details.  This flexible inquiry module provides you with three (3) different ways to search for information.

Three Different Ways to Search

  1. You can search broadly by facility name, street name, city or zip code and retrieve a list of facilities matching your search criteria. 

  2. You can search specifically by Facility ID, Application Number, Notice Number or Case Number for a single facility and go directly to the detailed information. 

  3. You can search for facilities and schools by location using an interactive map. 

You start your search on the main F.I.N.D. page.

FIND Search Page

The fields on the left, which are active when the "Find a Facility" radio button is highlighted, can be used to search broadly for a list of facilities meeting certain criteria (similar names, located on the same street or in the same city or zip code).  The fields on the right, which are each activated for a specific search item by separate radio buttons, can be used to search for information about a specific facility.  The search criteria for a specific facility are:  Facility ID, Application Number, Notice of Violation/Notice to Comply Number or Hearing Board Case Number.  Click here for detailed instructions on how to search using text fields.

Use the link on the main F.I.N.D. page ("Click here for a detailed map search") to open the interactive facility map to search geographically.
FIND map search screen

The interactive map displays SCAQMD regulated facilities as well as local schools, streets, freeways and aerial images on a map of the South Coast air basin. There are two ways to find facilities geographically.  (1) You can enter a specific street address and buffer distance in the fields under Querying on the left-hand side of the map screen.  (Note: In order to maintain acceptable performance levels for everyone, the buffer distance from the selected address is limited to five (5) miles.  If your request exceeds this limit you will be asked to refine your search.)  The search will display an enhanced map view and a list of facilities within the selected buffer distance.   Clicking on a listed facility will link back to the detailed facility information.  Or, (2) you can select the first button under Drawing on the left side of the map and use the cursor to draw a rectangle around the area you are interested in on the map itself.  The map will be automatically re-drawn to represent the area chosen.  

Click Here to Start Searching in F.I.N.D.!

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