Permit & Compliance Help

Call South Coast AQMD's Small Business Assistance staff today for free help for small business owners to come into compliance with applicable South Coast AQMD Rules and Regulations.

Compliance Assistance

Small Business Assistance staff can help small business owners, who qualify, to come into compliance with applicable South Coast AQMD Rules and Regulations. Free services include rule interpretation, explanation of recordkeeping procedures, and associated calculations.

Other compliance resources and program information are also available. These include: Gas Dispensing, PERP Registration, Asbestos Compliance Requirements, and much more.

Hearing Board and Variance Petition Assistance

There may be good reasons why a business cannot immediately comply with air pollution control laws and rules and regulations.

A South Coast AQMD variance allows a company to continue operating temporarily while not in compliance with South Coast AQMD rules without penalty while it takes appropriate steps to meet air pollution control requirements. Variances can only be granted by the South Coast AQMD's Hearing Board.

Small Business Assistance staff provides help to small businesses in preparing to file a petition with the Hearing Board.

Permit Assistance

The Small Business Assistance staff provides permit application assistance to small business owners. Under this program, a small business is a business with total gross annual receipts of $5,000,000 or less, or a business with 100 or fewer employees. The service is free and is available either on-site, by phone or at the South Coast AQMD Diamond Bar Headquarters.

Engineers and inspectors provide the permit applicants with the appropriate forms to use, the corresponding filing fee, line-by-line help completing application forms, and inform applicants of information required with application submittal.

Other Permit Assistance Resources and information is also available.

Fee Review

Small Business Assistance staff provides assistance to small businesses in filing Fee Review requests with the Fee Review Committee to:

  • Resolve permit fee issues between regulated businesses and the South Coast AQMD, or
  • Provide additional time for payment of current and/or past due permit, annual renewal, and other fees (such as annual emissions and Toxic Hot Spot fees) for businesses experiencing financial hardships.

The fee review committee cannot do the following:

  • Refund payments resulting from an error by the business, or
  • Provide payment plans for permit applications.

To have your situation reviewed, please complete a Fee Review Request Form (PDF, 14kb). You can mail the completed form to the following address:

South Coast Air Quality Management District Fee Review Committee
Attention: Public Advisor
21865 Copley Drive
Diamond Bar, CA 91765


Small Business Assistance
Toll-free: 1-800-388-2121
Ph: 909-396-3529

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