Rule 1191 - Clean On-Road Light- and Medium-Duty Public Fleet Vehicles

This rule requires public fleets in the SCAQMD's jurisdiction operating passenger car, light-duty truck, or medium-duty vehicle fleets to acquire low-emitting gasoline or alternative-fuel vehicles when procuring these vehicles.

  1. This rule applies to:
  • Government agencies (such as federal, state, regional, county, and city government departments and agencies) with 15 or more non-exempt vehicles
  • Any special districts (such as water, air, sanitation, transit) with 15 or more non-exempt vehicles
  • School districts with 15 or more non-exempt vehicles
  1. Subsection (f) of this rule exempts certain vehicles, such as emergency vehicles operated by federal, state, or local law enforcement agencies or fire departments, or paramedic and rescue vehicles.  This rule does not apply to any heavy-duty on-road vehicles, i.e, those vehicles over 14,000 pounds-gross vehicle weight rating. (See Rule 1196.)

Finding a Rule-Compliant Vehicle

A list of Rule 1191-compliant vehicles is provided in the following tables.  The California Air Resources Board (CARB)Link to external website. is the agency responsible for certifying new vehicles for sale in California.  Upon certification CARB requires the manufacturer to attach a Vehicle Emission Control Information label  (PDF, 122kb) to the underside of the hood of every passenger vehicle.  CARB certifies engines and vehicles on an ongoing basis throughout the calendar year.  As such, if you are interested in a particular vehicle and it is not found on this list, and you are unable to access the Vehicle Emission Control Information label, you may contact CARB directly or the SCAQMD contact listed below to determine if the vehicle or engine of interest is certified at LEV or cleaner.  At this time, diesel powered engines or vehicles do not meet the requirements of Rule 1191.

Rule-Compliant Vehicles

(All files are in PDF format and are approximately 6 KB - 65 KB)
 Year Passenger Cars Light-Duty Trucks, Vans, SUVs Medium-Duty Vehicles Medium-Duty Engines and Incomplete Vehicles
2014 2014_PC.pdf 2014_LDT.pdf 2014_MDV.pdf 2014_MDEV.pdf
2013  2013_PC.pdf 2013_LDT.pdf 2013_MDV.pdf 2013_MDEV.pdf
2012  2012_PC.pdf  2012_LDT.pdf 2012_MDV.pdf  2012_MDEV.pdf
2011   2011_PC.pdf  2011_LDT.pdf  2011_MDV.pdf  2011_MDEV.pdf
2010  2010_PC.pdf  2010_LDT.pdf  2010_MDV.pdf  2010_MDEV.pdf
2009  2009_PC.pdf  2009_LDT.pdf  2009_MDV.pdf  2009_MDEV.pdf
2008  2008_PC.pdf  2008_LDT.pdf  2008_MDV.pdf  2008_MDEV.pdf
2007 2007_PC.pdf  2007_LDT.pdf  2007_MDV.pdf  2007_MDEV.pdf
2006  2006_PC.pdf  2006_LDT.pdf  2006_MDV.pdf  2006_MDEV.pdf
2005  2005_PC.pdf  2005_LDT.pdf  2005_MDV.pdf  2005_MDEV.pdf
2004  2004_PC.pdf  2004_LDT.pdf  2004_MDV.pdf  2004_MDEV.pdf
2003  2003_PC.pdf  2003_LDT.pdf  2003_MDV.pdf  2003_MDEV.pdf
2002 2002_PC.pdf  2002_LDT.pdf  2002_MDV.pdf  2002_MDEV.pdf
2001  2001_PC.pdf  2001_LDT.pdf  2001_MDV.pdf  2001_MDEV.pdf

Other Links for Finding Rule-Compliant Vehicles

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For more information on the fleet rules, call the Fleet Rule Implementation Hotline at 909-396-3044 or e-mail