Team PS Directory

Permit Streamlining, IM Coordination, Administration, and Automation

Manager: David Ono, (909) 396-2538,

Secretary: Celia Diamond, (909) 396-3567,

Office Assistant: Sunnie Young, (909) 396-2918,

Supervising Engineer: David Hauck, (909) 396-2512,

     Senior Engineer: 
     Janice West, (909) 396-3763,
          Engineering Team:
          Angela Choy, (909) 396-2203,
          Luke Lau, (909) 396-2729,
          Rose Rau, (909) 396-2697,
          Andy Yen, (909) 396-3106,

This team is responsible for handling administrative functions for Engineering and Permitting, which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Permit Streamlining Task Force coordination and implementation

  • Rule 301 amendments

  • Certified Permitting Professional (CPP) Program

  • Notifications for PERP in State Territorial Waters

  • Permit application and compliance forms

  • Rule 1401 spreadsheet program

  • Rule implementation (determining affected facilities, reissue of permits, etc.)

  • Maps and data for AB 3205 program

  • Engineering and Permitting Policies and Procedures

  • Engineering and Permitting Web content for Intranet and Internet


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