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  • 2016 Health Risk Assessment
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    However, SCAQMD staff found evidence of overspray of hexavalent chromium
    paints found in all four paint spray booths based on samples taken at Anaplex.
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    (m) MIX RATIO – Enter the mix ratio for the paint, thinner and hardener as
    recommended by the manufacturer, e.g. 8:4:1 for a coating mixture of. 8 parts
    paint, 4 ...
  • Flat and Non-flat Coatings After January 1, 2019
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    Nonflat-Coatings shipped along with a previously painted widget (door, window,
    etc.) will be considered compliant. Comments or questions regarding Rule 1113
  • ACA Pilot Test Comments
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    May 5, 2016 ... The organization represents paint and coatings manufacturers, raw materials
    suppliers, distributors, and technical professionals. ACA serves ...
  • Amended Rule 1106
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    pigments on painted surfaces within a radiation environment. (22) LOW-SOLIDS
    COATINGS are coatings containing one pound or less of solids per gallon of ...
  • Bowman Plating Company
    Jan 17, 2017 ... ... testing, plating, coating, and painting operations on various parts for ... and
    drying ovens, paint spray booths, abrasive blasting equipment, ...
  • Regulation XI - Source Specific Standards
    Consumer Paint Thinners & Multi-Purpose Solvents (Amended December 3,
    2010). Rule 1144 (PDF). Metalworking Fluids and Direct-Contact Lubricants
  • Low- Solids Category
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    Rule 1113: Section (b) Paragraph (35). Original Review: February 2008. Revised
    Date: November 2013. Subject: Low- Solids Category and VOC Limit. Issue:.
  • SCAQMD Compliance Forms by Rule Number
    Consumer Paint Thinners & Multi-Purpose Solvents. Form M - Application for
    Manufacturer ID Number (PDF, 98kb). Form AE - Annual Quantity & Emission ...
  • Air Quality Permit Checklist
    California Government Code Section 65850.2 requires that the business/property
    owner or authorized agent indicate whether the owner or authorized agent will ...

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