Notice to Comply

On November 5, 2015, SCAQMD issued Notice to Comply E26893 to SoCalGas.  The notice to comply directed SoCalGas to safely and expeditiously stop the release of natural gas from the affected well site and to prevent the release of the mercaptan odors from the natural gas leak that are impacting the nearby community.  The notice to comply also required SoCalGas to provide the following information to SCAQMD:

  • How and when SoCalGas first became aware of the natural gas leak;

  • Steps taken by SoCalGas to repair the leak and to control the release of natural gas;

  • Recommendations by regulatory agencies and third-party contractors for controlling or eliminating the release of natural gas and associated odors from the affected well;

  • Recommendations for developing and implementing air monitoring plans for onsite and community air sampling.

Since October 24, 2015, SCAQMD inspectors have performed ongoing site inspections, complaint investigations, and surveillances at the Aliso Canyon site and in Porter Ranch and other downwind residential areas. 

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