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South Coast AQMD Refinery Committee Meeting - April 28, 2018


Torrance Refining Company, LLC is one of six large refineries in the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s jurisdiction. It is subject to numerous South Coast AQMD rules and regulations pertaining to refining operations and equipment. The facility is located at 3700 W. 190th St. in Torrance and covers 750 acres. It refines gasoline, diesel fuel, aviation fuels, liquefied petroleum gases, coke and sulfur.  In February 2015, a large explosion in an air pollution control device ejected heavy metal parts, narrowly missing a unit that contains highly toxic modified hydrofluoric acid. As a result of air pollution violations during the explosion and subsequent restart of the refinery, then-owner ExxonMobil paid a $5.5 million penalty to South Coast AQMD, of which $2.77 million has been committed to fund community benefit projects. In 2016, South Coast AQMD released an RFP and hosted a community meeting on the use of the settlement monies for projects that provide public health and quality of life improvements. 

PBF Energy, based in Parsippany, N.J., purchased the refinery and took over operation of the facility on July 1, 2016. In 2016, the refinery experienced several power cuts and as a result conducted unplanned flaring. 

In February 2017, PBF agreed to an administrative order by the independent South Coast AQMD Hearing Board requiring the facility to improve power reliability and reduce air pollution from power-related flaring incidents. The Hearing Board will maintain jurisdiction over the order until all its requirements are completed. While the refinery must meet specific milestones and deadlines under the order, the overall effort will take several years to complete.

As a result of the series of incidents at the refinery, South Coast AQMD’s Refinery Committee held an investigative hearing in April 2017 to gather information about refinery safety and operations from experts and regulators as well as feedback from community groups and residents. 


Flaring is a safety measure used at refineries to prevent explosions or accidents that could result from gases building up excess pressure. When flared, the combusted gas typically causes large flames, and can result in black smoke when power losses impact steam generation.

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  • Alkylation Technology Study (PDF): On September 15, 2016, the South Coast AQMD released the Norton Engineering Alkylation Technology Study. This study reviews and evaluates options for replacing HF Alkylation units at refineries in the South Coast AQMD's jurisdiction. 

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