What Happens When I Submit My Permit Application to South Coast AQMD?

The following steps describe South Coast AQMD's permitting process:

  • Receipt by South Coast AQMD of applicant's Permit to Construct application

  • Review to ensure that information submitted in application is complete and accurate

  • Review to determine that proposed equipment will be built and operated consistent with South Coast AQMD rules, regulations, and policies

  • Issuance of Permit to Construct, authorizing applicant to install equipment (may serve as temporary Permit to Operate under some conditions)

  • Construction/installation of equipment by source

  • South Coast AQMD inspection to verify that equipment has been built and installed as required by the Permit to Construct, and to confirm that the equipment operates in compliance with South Coast AQMD rules and regulations

  • Issuance of Permit to Operate

Permit conditions limit or require specific actions by a source to ensure:

  • Compliance with a rule or regulation

  • Keeping emissions within federal New Source Review allowances

  • Proper operation of control devices

  • Establishment of recordkeeping and reporting mechanisms

  • Limiting of toxic emissions

  • Control of dust or odors

Compliance with permit conditions is important

Each instance of noncompliance with a permit condition can subject a facility to a fine or penalty. It is very important for sources to thoroughly review the construction and operating permit conditions immediately upon receipt to ensure that they are correct and that the equipment can be operated in compliance. To change permit conditions, an appeal must be filed within ten (10) days of receiving the permit. For more information, contact South Coast AQMD Customer Service at 909-396-2900.


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