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Goods Movement Emission Reduction Funding Program (Proposition 1B) Heavy-Duty Trucks and Transport Refrigeration Units (TRUs)

SCAQMD Board Actions Regarding Prop. 1B Awards and Rank Lists:

Year 5

March 4, 2016 Board Letter (PDF, 490KB)

May 6, 2016 Board Letter (PDF, 610KB)

June 3, 2016 Board Letter (PDF, 3.05MB)

December 2, 2016 Board Letter (PDF, 318KB)

October 6, 2017 Board Letter (PDF, 2.9MB)

October 4, 2019 Board Letter  (PDF, 2.3MB)

1st Solicitation Truck Ranked List (Grant No. G14GMLT1 - PA2016-02) (PDF, 136KB)

2nd Solicitation Truck Ranked List (Grant No. G14GMLT1 - PA2016-10) (PDF, 173KB)

1st Solicitation TRU Ranked List (Grant No. G14GMLR1 - PA2016-02) (PDF, 404KB)

2nd Solicitation TRU Ranked List (Grant No. G14GMLR1 - PA2016-10) (PDF, 70KB)

3rd Solicitation Eligible Truck List (Grant No. G14GMLT1 - PA2018-01) (PDF, 111KB)

4th Solicitation Eligible Truck List (Grant No. G14GMLT1 - PA2020-01)
(PDF, 280KB)

Year 4

February 7, 2014 Board Letter (PDF, 786KB)

April 4, 2014 Board Letter (PDF, 752KB)

May 2, 2014 Board Letter (PDF, 46KB)

Phase-1 Ranked List (Grant No. G13GMLT1) (PDF, 381KB)

Phase-2 Ranked List (Grant No. G13GMLT1) (PDF, 596KB)

Year 3

April 6, 2012 Board Letter (PDF, 137KB)

September 7, 2012 Board Letter (PDF, 370KB)

Ranked Priority List (Grant No. G11GMLP1),
(PDF, 320KB)

Ranked List, backup (PDF, 725KB)

Year 2


November 4, 2011 Board Letter
(PDF, 313KB)

December 2, 2011 Board Letter (PDF, 51KB)

April 12, 2012 Board Letter
(PDF, 70KB)

Truck (Grant No. G08GMLT1) Ranked List
(PDF, 465KB)

Year 1

March 6, 2009 Board Letter

September 11, 2009 Board Letter

November 6, 2009 Board Letter

June 4, 2010 Board Letter

December 3, 2010 Board Letter

  • Trucks serving port and intermodal rail yards (Grant No. G07GMLP2)

Ranked Priority List Solicitation 1 (PDF, 21KB)

Ranked Priority List Solicitation 2 (XLF, 41KB)

  • Trucks Serving Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach (Grant No. G07GMLP3-03)

Ranked Priority List, Tier 1 (PDF, 350KB)

Ranked Priority List, Tier 2 (PDF, 16KB)

Ranked Priority List, Tier 3 (PDF, 118KB)

Ranked Priority List, Backup (PDF, 41KB)

  • Other trucks and truck stop/distribution center (Grant No.G07GMLT2)

Ranked Priority List (PDF, 211KB)

Ranked Priority List, Backup (PDF, 201KB)

Early Grant

May 2, 2008 Board Letter

July 11, 2008 Board Letter

  • Truck serving port and intermodal railyards (Grant No. G07GMLP1):

Ranked Priority List 1 (PDF, 69KB)

Ranked Priority List 2 (PDF, 15KB)

Ranked Priority List 3 ( PDF, 23KB)

  • Other heavy duty diesel trucks (Grant No.G07GMLT1)

Ranked Priority List (PDF, 189KB)

For additional information or questions concerning the Prop 1B Program, please contact the SCAQMD Project Officer, Mei Wang at 909-396-3257 or

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