Guidance Document

Guidance Document for Addressing Air Quality Issues in General Plans and Local Planning

Guidance Document for Addressing Air Quality Issues in General Plans and Local Planning

May 6, 2005

From this page you may view or download individual Chapters or the entire Air Quality Guidance Document.

The guidance document is a living document that will be updated periodically to reflect the latest technical information and to address implementation issues.  This document will be periodically revised to:

  • update current air quality and health effects information, including MATES III data;

  • include examples of adopted General Plan policies, local ordinances, or measures for other jurisdictions; and

  • consider a four-tier format for consistency with state guidelines for General Plans.

Guidance Document - Complete document and Board Letter

Complete Guidance Document (May 6, 2005) - (PDF, 9,912kb)

Board Letter - Governing Board Meeting, May 6, 2005 - Agenda Item #35

Guidance Document - Table of Contents / Chapters

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