Flare Event Notifications

Refineries or related facilities subject to Rule 1118 requirements are required to notify SCAQMD of flare events expected to exceed one or more of the following thresholds:

  •  100 pounds of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), or

  •  500 pounds of sulfur dioxide, or

  •  500,000 standard cubic feet of gas combusted.

A refinery or related source is not required to notify SCAQMD if its planned or unplanned flare event falls below these limits.

Flare event notification requirements depend on whether a flare event is planned or unplanned.

  •     Planned flare events

  •     Unplanned flare events

Notifications reported to SCAQMD by refineries and other facilities subject to Rule 1118 can be received by the public via email.  Simply sign up for notification updates for the appropriate facility on the facility detail page.

This information is provided to the public as part of SCAQMD's on-going commitment to increase public awareness of SCAQMD programs and the facilities operating within their respective communities.

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