Flares: Tesoro Refinery Carson (Marathon Carson)

Refinery Flares (Rule 1118)

Tesoro Refinery Carson  
2350 E 223rd Street
Carson, CA 90810

Environmental On-Call Cell:

Number of Flares:  5

Further facility information can be accessed through the Facility INformation Detail (FIND) system

Quarterly Emission Reports

South Coast AQMD requires the above facility to submit quarterly emissions reports within 30 days of the end of each calendar quarter for each flare subject to the requirements of South Coast AQMD Rule 1118.

The following quarterly emission reports have been submitted to South Coast AQMD by Tesoro for the flares operated at their Carson refinery.

Most Recent Year: 

           2023 (PDF, 79 kb)

Previous Years: 

          2007 (PDF, 177kb)     2008 (PDF, 178kb)     2009 (PDF, 180kb)       
          2010 (PDF, 173kb)     2011 (PDF, 174kb)     2012 (PDF, 174kb)  
          2013 (PDF, 176kb)     2014 (PDF, 174kb)     2015 (PDF, 30kb)
          2016 (PDF, 198kb)     2017 (PDF, 79kb)       2018 (PDF, 80 kb)
          2019 (PDF, 200 kb)    2020 (PDF, 200kb)     2021 (PDF, 200kb)
          2022 (PDF, 200kb)

Flare Monitoring & Recording Plan (FMRP)

By June 30, 2006, Rule 1118 requires that each flare operator submit and comply with an approved flare monitoring and
recording plan.  

The FMRP includes detailed diagrams, sampling methods, and procedures for measuring, monitoring and reporting flare system operations.

FMRP Status:  Approved

Flare Minimization Plan (FMP)            

Rule 1118 requires an approved FMP only if the facility exceeds the specific emission targets in any calendar year.

FMP Status:  Not currently required     Last Approved:  None

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