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FAQs related to Rule 1168 quantity and emissions reporting

Rule 1168 Reporting Requirements apply to: (i) Manufacturers or Private Labelers of regulated products*, (ii) Manufacturers and Private Labelers of aerosol adhesives and aerosol adhesive primers, (iii) Big Box Retailers or Distribution Centers, and (iv) Facilities using the Rule 1168 55-gallon Exemption.

*For definition of this and other terms, please refer to Rule 1168(b).

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A Quantity and Emission Report (QER) is due according to the reporting timeline identified in Table 2 of South Coast AQMD Rule 1168.


Reporting Deadlines

Reported Years

Manufacturers &

Private Labelers

Big Box Retailers &

Distribution Centers

September 1, 2019

May 1, 2019

2017, 2018

September 1, 2022

May 1, 2022

2020, 2021

September 1, 2025

May 1, 2025

2023, 2024

September 1, 2030

May 1, 2030

2028, 2029

September 1, 2035

May 1, 2035

2033, 2034

September 1, 2040

May 1, 2040

2038, 2039

Please note that facilities subject to Rule 1168(f)(2)(F) - Facilities Using the 55 Gallon Exemption - shall submit an annual report to the District by September 1 of each year beginning 2017.

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The Rule 1168 QER form can be found on the Rule 1168 Portal.

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To obtain a manufacturers ID you will need to fill out form M. This is not a requirement of Rule 1168 at this time, but may change in the future (Form M is currently used for Rules 314/1113 & 1143). It is the same number you would have if you submit QERs for Rules 314/1113 & 1143.

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Yes, please complete a reporting form for each reporting year.

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Please add additional rows to the same table on the same form.

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Yes, please enter both values for each product.

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If your facility uses the Rule 1168 55-gallon exemption, please enter your facility's name in the "Legal Name of Manufacturer" field, and enter "N/A" in the "Manufacturer's ID Number" field. Please be aware that as a facility subject to Rule 1168(f)(2)(F) - Facilities Using the 55 Gallon Exemption, your facility is required to submit a QER report to the South Coast AQMD on an annual basis (by September 1st).

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Please submit the complete QER via email to

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For a list of cities and zip codes in South Coast AQMD's jurisdiction, please click here.

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Manufacturers and private labelers are responsible for contacting their distributors to obtain information necessary for their QER report due September 1. If the retailers/distributors fail to submit information to the manufacturers/private labelers they can provide a list of distributors to South Coast AQMD and we can take the necessary enforcement action. Both the manufacturers/private labelers and big box retailers/distribution centers are responsible for accurate reporting.

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Yes, but the information will need to come from them originally.

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No, estimates are not allowed with this type of reporting; it has to be actual sales numbers from the private labelers own sales data. The estimates were only allowed for the survey for the South Coast AQMD to ascertain potential sales data.

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Last updated on 08/15/19

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