Scientific, Technical & Modeling Peer Review Advisory Group

Synopsis of History

The South Coast AQMD has had a socioeconomic and a modeling working group since the late 1980s.  These groups have provided input on the design and development of the South Coast AQMD's air quality and socioeconomic modeling, most recently for the development of the 2016 AQMP.  The Scientific, Technical & Modeling Peer Review (STMPR) Advisory Group for the 2022 AQMP has been formed (see membership below).


This group provides review of South Coast AQMD modeling, monitoring, and related scientific issues.  It will provide critical review of current air quality and socioeconomic modeling techniques, as well as recommendations for, and comment on, proposed new approaches. The group provides a needed linkage between the air quality modeling community and the socioeconomic modeling community, since many of the socioeconomic assumptions such as economic and population growth projection and vehicle miles traveled, play an important role in preparing future AQMPs. 

Relative to air quality modeling and ambient measurements, the Group will play a pivotal role in providing input to the South Coast AQMD on technical approaches to address possible new ozone and particulate matter standards. The group will also provide consensus on air quality modeling approaches for future AQMP revisions.

Relative to socioeconomic assessment, the Group is expected to bring insight to the South Coast AQMD regarding the value of various analyses and identification of areas where expanded analysis would benefit public interest and enhance the rule development process.  The Group will provide a necessary link between the scientific and technical advancements on the horizon and the potential socioeconomic influences that can encourage or deter their commercial development.


The number of members are approximately 20 experts selected for their expertise in the fields of socioeconomic modeling, air quality modeling, air quality and meteorological monitoring, and atmospheric science.    

STMPR Advisory Group Members (PDF, 114kb).


The Governing Board’s Mobile Source Committee shall be the Board’s liaison for this Advisory Group. The Advisory Group shall provide its recommendations regarding the AQMP as they are developed and final comments will be provided to the Executive Officer at least sixty days in advance of the proposed date of release to the public of a draft air quality management plan.

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Advisory Group Contact Person:

Dr. Sang-Mi Lee, 909-396-3169


Blue Ribbon Panel Regarding Operations of Board Advisory Groups 


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