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Air Quality Analysis Guidance Handbook

Air Quality Analysis Guidance Handbook


The Air Quality Analysis Guidance Handbook is currently under development.

AQMD is in the process of developing an "Air Quality Analysis Guidance Handbook" (Handbook) to replace the CEQA Air Quality Handbook approved by the AQMD Governing Board in 1993.  The 1993 CEQA Air Quality Handbook is still available but not online.  Therefore, it will be necessary to obtain a hardcopy of the 1993 Handbook by contacting AQMD's Subscription Services at (909) 396-3720.   In addition, there are sections of the 1993 Handbook that are obsolete.  A description of the obsolete sections can be obtained from CEQA Air Quality Handbook

This webpage previously had listed names of the proposed chapters and appendices for the revised Handbook.  However, current work on the Handbook has rendered these chapter and appendices titles obsolete and, therefore, they have been removed from the webpage.  Proposed chapters and appendices currently under consideration will be posted when drafts are available.

In order to assist the CEQA practitioner in conducting an air quality analysis while the new Handbook is being prepared, the following supplemental information is available:

Significance Thresholds and Analysis

Emission Factors

Future CO Concentrations

Air Toxics Analysis

High Cube Warehouse Trip Rate Study for Air Quality Analysis

Mitigation Measures

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