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Air Quality Modeling

Air Quality Modeling

The following models are available to assist the CEQA practitioner in calculating impact to air quality.  The following links will take you directly to these models located on other websites.

  • California Emission Estimator Model (CalEEMod)CalEEMod is a statewide land use emissions computer model designed to provide a uniform platform for government agencies, land use planners, and environmental professionals to quantify potential criteria pollutant and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with both construction and operational from a variety of land use projects.

NOTE: Emissions calculated using URBEMIS are now outdated and SCAQMD staff recommends all projects now evaluate emissions with CalEEMod if they use software for their analysis.

(NOTE: An error has been identified associated with the fugitive dust construction mitigation measures for PM.  Therefore, the only mitigation measures acceptable for use are either watering OR chemical suppressants.)

  • Industrial Source Complex Short Term (ISCST3) Model
    ISCST3 is widely used to assess pollution concentration on receptors from a wide variety of sources, commonly from industrial sources, and was designed to support the EPA's regulatory modeling options.

  • Roadway Construction Emissions Model (version 5.1)
    Roadway construction emissions model, developed by the Sacramento Metropolitan AQMD, can be used to assist roadway project proponents with determining the emission impacts of their projects (listed under "Mitigating Air Quality Impacts" heading).