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Additional information on South Coast AQMD's Annual Clean Air Awards
Nominations for the annual Clean Air Awards must be submitted online. Please visit our Clean Air Awards Nominations webpage ( for more information on how to submit your nomination.
Nominations are reviewed and scored by a committee comprised of air quality experts. The Committee is Chaired by the South Coast AQMD Public Advisor and also includes the Health Effects Officer and an Executive Council Member from Science and Technology Advancement. External Committee members include a business/industry representative and a representative from environmental justice and health community organizations.
Nominees for a South Coast AQMD Clean Air Award must have made a significant contribution to clean air within the South Coast and/or Coachella Air Basins.
Each year, the Nominations Committee schedule may vary slightly, but ideally awardees will be notified in the first week of March or earlier.
There is no set amount. We ask that you provide us as much information as is necessary to explain why you believe the person or entity being nominated deserves an award and meets the criteria for that category. Please be as clear and concise as possible and submit any attachments that would help support the nomination.
Clean Air Awards Clean Air Award tickets may be purchased online and there is no limit on the number to be purchased. Please check the Clean air Awards website ( for specific information.
Yes. Minors (18-years or younger) can be nominated for the Youth Leadership in Air Quality award.
No, it is free to nominate an individual, company, or agency for a Clean Air Award.
Yes, you can nominate yourself.
Nominations for the same individual, business or organization may be made in multiple categories; however, a separate award nomination form is required for each entry.
Supplemental attachments could include, photos, videos, copies of awards or other documents supporting the nomination.

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