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Nominations for the South Coast Air Quality Management District's Annual Clean Air Awards

Nominations are Now Open for the 32nd Annual Clean Air Awards 

Celebrating Clean Air Heroes

Each year, South Coast AQMD has honored those that have helped to improve the air we breathe across our region.  Our air is cleaner and our families are healthier because of their efforts.  

Nominations may be submitted online through October 12, 2021 at 5:30 p.m.  

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Clean Air Award Categories:

  • Leadership in Air Quality
    This award is presented for an outstanding effort or comprehensive strategy by an individual, community organization, or business that improves air quality, promotes sustainability, and/or advances effective solutions in the South Coast region. Such efforts should be beyond any local, state or federal requirement and includes collaborative/integrated efforts or programs involving the public, business, nonprofits and government. Examples of eligible nominees within this category include organizations with programs which strengthen sustainability and/or further environmental stewardship, innovative transportation programs (such as public transit, active or other forms), improvements that increase energy efficiency and increased conservation, and local planning efforts which successfully incorporate environmentally sensitive zoning. Nominees must have a physical presence in California and must demonstrate initiative-driven leadership impacting other businesses, academia or their community.

  • Innovative Clean Air Technology 
    This award is presented for an extraordinary contribution to the development and application of a new and innovative technology designed to reduce emissions. Examples include the development and production of cleaner fuels, improved engine design resulting in significantly lower criteria pollutant emissions, a new product that helps other technologies reduce emissions, or an improved technological process resulting in lower emissions. Technology must be implemented for a minimum of one-year.

  • Young Leadership in Air Quality
    This award is for an outstanding effort by an individual (aged 25 or younger) who has shown a commitment to improving public health through the reduction of air pollution. An emphasis will be on the uniqueness and inspirational value of the young person and their individual efforts to improve air quality. Examples of eligible nominees include young people who educate and empower others on clean air issues, projects to garner greater insight into their generation’s concerns, assist in making meaningful and continuous progress toward cleaning the air through active engagement, and/or create and lead projects to improve air quality. This young individual will have a passion, commitment, and urgency to help improve air quality.

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