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Nominations are Now Closed for the 34th Annual Clean Air Awards

Nomination categories are:

Established in honor of former Riverside County Supervisor S. Roy Wilson, who served 22 years on South Coast AQMD’s Governing Board and was a steadfast voice for healthy air and a strong economy. This award recognizes exceptional leadership in government in support of clean air through practical and innovative strategies.
Dr. Robert M. Zweig was a physician who treated many patients with respiratory illnesses exacerbated by smog. He worked to reduce air pollution through initiating research groups and promoting clean technologies, including one of the first hydrogen fuel cell buses. This award is presented in recognition of a Medical or Doctor of Philosophy who demonstrates a deep commitment to improving public health in relation to air pollution.
Dr. William A. Burke’s unprecedented 23 years as Chair of South Coast AQMD’s Governing Board was characterized by his commitment to fight for clean air for all communities. As a vanguard for environmental justice, Dr. Burke’s leadership prioritized actions to address air pollution inequities affecting overburdened and disadvantaged communities. This award recognizes an individual or organization who demonstrates leadership and fortitude to stand for diversity and inclusion, improving air quality and the quality of life for environmental justice communities.
Supervisor John J. Benoit and Mayor Ben J. Benoit share a legacy of clean air leadership with a combined tenure of 23 years serving on the South Coast AQMD Governing Board. They worked tirelessly to reduce air pollution through the research, development, demonstration, and deployment of clean air technologies and strategies, especially in environmental justice communities. This award recognizes outstanding efforts of an individual, organization, or company whose technological solutions have led to air quality improvements.
This award is presented to an individual or entity whose commitment to air quality and sustainability exceed local, state, and/or federal requirements. Actions should demonstrate a long-term commitment to air quality through sustainability and environmental stewardship, widespread educational outreach, and/or implementation of innovative programs.
This award honors outstanding efforts by an individual aged 25 or younger with a passion and commitment to help improve air quality. Efforts should inspire and educate peers or the public, and/or directly contribute to the reduction of air pollution.

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