Carl Moyer Program: Staff Contacts

For More information

If you would like more information or to schedule a briefing for your industry group, call SCAQMD’s Technology Advancement Office at 909-396-3179 or you may contact the staff by area of expertise listed below:

On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicles/Emergency Vehicles
Ashkaan Nikravan 909-396-3260

Off-Road Compression Ignition Equipment
Andrew Yoon 909-396-3043
Krystle Martinez 909-396-3021
Walter Shen 909-396-2487

Cargo Handling Equipment Electrification
Greg Ushijima 909-396-3301

Marine Vessels
Mark Coleman 909-396-3074
Von Loveland 909-396-3063

Shore Power
Greg Ushijima 909-396-3301

Mei Wang 909-396-3257