Final 1997 Air Quality Management Plan

The South Coast Air Quality Management District Governing Board approved the 1997 Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP) at a public hearing on November 15, 1996.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District Governing Board approved the this 1997 Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP) at a public hearing on November 15, 1996. The AQMD had solicited feedback and input from all members of the greater South Coast community on this revision to the region's clean air plan. To further encourage comment, the Governing Board hosted a number of regional workshops throughout the Basin, as well as at District headquarters in Diamond Bar.

This AQMP puts greater focus on a pollutant found to be newly important in the South Coast region: fine particulate matter (PM10). Recent findings by nationally recognized health experts show that PM10 may be responsible for significant adverse health effects for Southern Californians, including premature death and disabling respiratory impairments. This 1997 AQMP represents the first plan addressing Clean Air Act requirements to demonstrate attainment of federal PM10 ambient air quality standards.

A comprehensive Plan such as this is built on the contributions of many. In addition to those individuals and groups, the advisory support of the PM10 Task Force is acknowledged as a vital component in this Plan's strategy development effort. This Task Force first met in June 1995 as a gathering of agency, government, industry, academia, and organizational representatives. Over many months, participants held critical discussions and reviewed findings of the latest technical and scientific studies available on particulate pollution. Their efforts are reflected in the completeness of the attainment strategies presented here.

This Plan also reflects the combined technical and policy inputs of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the state Air Resources Board (ARB), and the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG).

Air quality monitoring records of recent years have proven the effectiveness of our Basin's ongoing pollution control efforts. The collaborative spirit that was present as this Plan has been in development will help us achieve the proper balance of our need for clean air with our need for a strong economy, and assure that residents and visitors alike will breathe healthful air by the year 2010.

The Plan has an Executive Summary, 10 chapters, and a Glossary. To download or view sections of the Plan in Microsoft Word 6.0 or higher, click on the appropriate icon below.

1997 Air Quality Management Plan

Executive Summary (51.5kb)
1 --Introduction (75kb)
2 --Air Quality and Health Effects (655kb)
3 --Base Year and Future Emissions (146kb)
4 --AQMP Control Strategy (110kb)
5 --Future Air Quality (5.36MB)
6 --Clean Air Act Requirements (119kb)
7 --Implementation (109kb)
8 --Future Air Quality - Desert Nonattainment Areas (170kb)
9 --Contingency Measures (38.5kb)
10--Looking Beyond Current Requirements (59.5kb)
Glossary (32.5kb)

APPENDICES (in M.S. Word only - self-extracting .exe files)

I) Health Effects (97.5kb)
II) Current Air Quality (1.77MB)
III) Base and Future Year Emission Inventories (325kb)
IV-A) Stationary and Mobile Source Control Measures (294kb)
IV-B ) Advanced Transportation Control Measures (153kb)
V) Modeling and Attainment Demonstrations (717kb)
V) Section 3A (717kb)

Other Documents:
Environmental Impact Report
Socio-Economics Report of the 1997 AQMP (M.S. Word only)

Executive Summary (29kb)
Tables (30.5kb)
Preface (13kb)
References (34kb)
Front Sections (21kb)  
Chapter 1 (3.66MB)
Chapter 2 (804kb)
Chapter 3 (540kb)
Chapter 4 (72kb)
Chapter 5 (39.5kb)
Chapter 6 (69.5kb)
Chapter 7 (16kb)
Chapter 8 (19.5kb)
Attachment A (363kb)
Attachment B (69kb)
Attachment C (14.5kb)
Attachment D (37.5kb)
Attachment E (23kb)
Attachment F (1.61MB)

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