Final Program Environmental Impact Report for: 2003 Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP)

The following documents are MS-Word '.doc' or MS-Excel '.xls' files.

Title Page, Governing Board, Contributors, Notice of Determination (DOC, 80kb)

Preface (DOC, 20.5kb)

Table of Contents (DOC, 80.6kb)

Executive Summary (DOC, 486kb)

Chapter 1 - Introduction (DOC, 70.5kb)

Chapter 2 - Project Description (DOC, 1.09MB)

Chapter 3 - Existing Setting

3.0  and 3.1 - Introduction and Air Quality (DOC, 2.8MB)
3.2 - Energy (DOC, 490kb)
3.3 - Hazards (DOC, 74kb)
3.4 - Hydrology/Water Quality (DOC, 239kb)
3.5 - Solid/Hazardous Waste Chapter (DOC, 177kb)

4 - Environmental Impacts and Mitigation Measures

4.0 and 4.1 - Introduction and Secondary Air Quality Impacts (DOC, 0.97MB)
4.2 - Energy Impacts (DOC, 160kb)
4.3 - Hazards (DOC, 231kb)
4.4 - Hydrology/Water Quality (DOC, 171kb)
4.5 - Solid/Hazardous Waste (DOC, 130kb)
4.6 - Consistency (DOC, 41.5kb)
4.7 - Potential Environmental Impacts Found Not to be Significant (DOC, 69.5kb)

Chapter 5 - Alternatives (DOC, 411kb)

Chapter 6 - Other CEQA Topics Chapter (DOC, 36.5kb)

Chapter 7 - References (DOC, 69kb)

Chapter 8 - Acronyms (DOC, 57kb)

Appendix A - Notice of Preparation and Initial Study (DOC, 1.8MB)

Appendix B - Comments Received on the NOP/Initial Study and Response to Comments (DOC, 4.5 MB)

Appendix C - Energy Impact Analysis (XLS, 42kb)

Appendix D - Comment Letters #1 - #5 Received on the Draft PEIR and Responses to the Comments (DOC, 5.8MB)

Comment Letters #6 - #15 Received on the Draft PEIR and Responses to the Comments (DOC, 3.5MB)

Attachment to the Resolution Statement of Findings, Statement of Overriding Considerations and Mitigation Monitoring Plan (DOC, 131kb)

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