Community Air Toxics Initiative

As a result of lessons learned during South Coast AQMD’s investigation into air monitoring for sources of toxic metal emissions in Paramount and other areas, staff is implementing a Community Air Toxics Initiative to investigate, identify and remediate any additional sources across our four-county region that may emit high levels of toxic air contaminants.

The following links contain detailed information on air monitoring, enforcement and community outreach efforts.

Compton - air monitoring in the Compton area will launch this initiative. Efforts here will initially focus on chromium plating and anodizing plants.
Paramount - the South Coast AQMD received a series of metallic odor complaints from community members. In response, staff began conducting investigations into local sources of emissions.


There are hundreds of metal-processing facilities in South Coast AQMD’s jurisdiction. South Coast AQMD will focus on the facilities with the highest potential to emit the toxic metal hexavalent chromium.

Under the toxics initiative, South Coast AQMD will systematically identify and prioritize high-risk facilities, then use the latest air monitoring technology to confirm specific sources causing high emissions. If identified, South Coast AQMD will seek Orders for Abatement from the independent South Coast AQMD Hearing Board to require these facilities to reduce their emissions to a level that does not pose an immediate threat to public health.

South Coast AQMD will expand its special air monitoring and investigation activities this spring to cities with metal-processing facilities with the potential to emit hexavalent chromium and are in close proximity to residences.

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