Complaint Air Sampling Data

The South Coast AQMD typically collects samples as a result of an odor investigation or routine surveillance activities. Instantaneous samples (also known as grab samples) are collected when odors are present, and take less than a minute to collect. 

Odor investigation, surveillance and sample collection in the Porter Ranch area have been ongoing activities. On October 26, 2015, South Coast AQMD began taking grab samples to identify the types and concentrations of air contaminants present.  The South Coast AQMD’s sampling augmented air measurements and monitoring conducted by SoCalGas and by the California Air Resources Board.  

Instantaneous (grab) air samples were collected on the dates indicated below  (see aerial map for sampling locations).  Samples collected in SUMMA canisters were an analyzed for the presence of VOC compounds; many were also analyzed for the presence of CO (carbon monoxide), CH4 (methane), CO2 (carbon dioxide), C2H6 (ethane), and NM/NEOC (non-methane & non-ethane organic compounds). Samples collected in Tedlar bags were analyzed for TRS (total reduced sulfur).  For lab analysis results, click on the link for the type of analysis performed.

Date of
Sample Collection

Sample ID#

Analyzed for

 Oct 26 2015 1530027 VOC / TCA
 Nov 3 2015 1530808 VOC
 Nov 12 2015 1531616 VOC / TCA
 Nov 17 2015 1532112 VOC / TCA
 Nov 18 2015 1532213 VOC / TCA
 Nov 20 2015 1533509 VOC
 Nov 22 2015 1532918  VOC
 Dec 8 2015 1534328 VOC / TCA
 Dec 18 2015 1535608 VOC / TCA
 Dec 18 2015 1535609 VOC / TCA
 Dec 18 2015 1535610 VOC / TCA
Dec 23 2015 1535830 VOC / TCA
Jan 27 2016  1602812 TRS
Feb 4 2016 1603609 TRS

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