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South Coast AQMD LAER/BACT Determinations

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Abrasive Blasting Room

Absorption Chiller

Air Start Unit

Aluminum Heat Treating Furnace

Aluminum Melting Furnace

Asphalt Batch Plant

Boilers, Natural Gas Fired

Brake Pad Grinder

Bulk Solids Storage

Bulk Solid Material Handling and Storage

Catalyst Regeneration - Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit

Circuit Board Photoresist Developer

CO2 Plant

Concrete Batch Plant

Degreaser - Batch Vapor

Dry Cleaning

Dryer or Oven  (excludes Food Oven)

Duct Burner

Fiber Impregnation

Fiberglass Operations

(See Polyester Resin Operations)

Flare, Digester Gas Fired

Flare, Landfill Gas Fired

Flare, Oil and Gas Operations

Flow Coater, Dip Tank and Roller Coater

Food Oven

Gas Turbines, Combined Cycle, Natural Gas 

Gas Turbines, Combined Cycle, Digester Gas 

Gas Turbines, Simple Cycle, Natural Gas 

Gas Turbines, Simple Cycle, Landfill Gas (Active Landfill)

Gas Turbines, Simple Cycle, Produced Gas

Heater - Other Process

Heater - Refinery

I.C. Engine - Landfill or Digester Gas Fired

I.C. Engine - Emergency, Compression Ignition

I.C. Engine - Emergency, Spark Ignition

I.C. Engine - Emergency Fire Pump, Compression Ignition

I.C. Engine - Emergency Fire Pump, Spark Ignition

I.C. Engine - Portable, Compression Ignition

I.C. Engine - Stationary, Non-Emergency

Ink Jet Printing

Liquid Transfer and Handling - Container Filling

Liquid Transfer and Handling-Tank Truck/Rail Car Bulk Loading (Class A)

Mixer or Blender, Wet

Plastic and Resin Extrusion

Polyester Resin Operations

Polystyrene Foam Product Mfg., Using Blowing Agent

Polyurethane Tube Mfg.

Printing (Graphic Arts) - Flexographic

Printing (Graphic Arts) - Letterpress

Printing (Graphic Arts) - Lithographic, Heatset

Printing (Graphic Arts) - Lithographic, Non-Heatset

Printing (Graphic Arts) - Screen Printing

Rubber Compounding, Roll Mill

Soil Vapor Extraction - Thermal/Catalytic Oxidizer

Spray Booths

Storage Tank - External Floating Roof

Storage Tank - Fixed Roof

Tank Degassing

Thermal Oxidizer

Tunnel Washer

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