Equipment Ineligible For PERP

The following are not eligible for registration under the PERP program

The following are not eligible for registration under the PERP program:

  1. Exempt:

    • Engines used to propel mobile equipment or a motor vehicle of any kind

    • Engines less than 50 bhp

  2. Not eligible for PERP - must obtain South Coast AQMD permit:

    • Engines or equipment units not meeting the definition of portable:

      • attached to a foundation

      • resides at the same location for more than 12 consecutive months

    • Equipment units and their associated engines determined by the Executive Officer to qualify as part of a stationary source permitted by a district

    • Portable engines or equipment units subject to an applicable federal Maximum Achievable Control Technology standard or National Emissions Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants or federal New Source Performance Standard, except for equipment units subject to 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart OOO (Standards of Performance for Nonmetallic Mineral Processing Plants)

    • Portable engines or equipment units operating within the boundaries of the California Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). [Note: This shall not prevent statewide registration of engines and equipment units already permitted by a district for operation in the OCS. Such statewide registration shall only be valid for operation onshore and in State Territorial Waters (STW).]

    • Dredging operations in the Santa Barbara Harbor or dredging equipment owned by a single port authority, harbor district, or similar agency in control of a harbor and operated only within the same harbor

    • Generators used for power production into the grid except to maintain grid stability during an emergency event or other unforeseen event that affects grid stability

    • Generators used to provide primary or supplemental power to a building, facility, stationary source, or stationary equipment, except during unforeseen interruptions of electrical power from the serving utility; maintenance and repair operations; electrical upgrade operations that do not exceed 60 calendar days; operations where the voltage, frequency, or electrical current requirements can only be supplied by a portable generator; or remote operations where grid power is unavailable. For interruptions of electrical power, the operation of a registered generator including startup, shutdown, and testing shall not exceed the time of the actual interruption of power.

  3. Not eligible for permit or PERP:

    • Tier 0 engines.  Note that these engines are also not eligible for South Coast AQMD Permits.

For a complete description of eligibility requirements, refer to the CARB websiteLink to external website..

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