Scheduling Inspection

Scheduling a PERP Inspection

The South Coast AQMD may conduct inspections of any PERP registered equipment at any time in order to verify compliance with the applicable requirements.  In accordance with PERP Program requirements, South Coast AQMD is required to inspect all PERP engines and equipment units for which South Coast AQMD has been designated as the "home district":

  • within one year of the issuance or renewal of the registration; and 

  • on a three-year basis 

The information below outlines the process to schedule an arranged inspection with South Coast AQMD.

Owners and operators of registered engines or equipment units for which South Coast AQMD has been designated as the home district are required to contact South Coast AQMD within 45 days of the initial issuance or renewal of a registration to arrange an inspection.  

Download the PERP Appointment Request Form (DOC, 96kb) and submit the completed form by mail, email to, or fax to 909-396-3849.


In the event that an arranged inspection of a registered engine or registered equipment unit must be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances, the owner or operator is required to:

  • notify South Coast AQMD of the cancellation no later than 72 hours prior to the scheduled inspection; and 

  • reschedule the inspection no later than 90 days after the initially scheduled inspection.

Unreasonable Actions

The South Coast AQMD will make every reasonable effort to accommodate requested inspection dates; however, it is essential that the owner or operator put forth equal effort to ensure that the scheduled inspection occurs as planned.  This includes ensuring that the equipment identified in the inspection request is available at the location, on the date, and at the time specified in the request.  Further, if an "in-field" inspection has been arranged, the equipment must be in operation.

Any unreasonable actions on the part of the owner or operator that prevent the inspection from occurring within the specified time frame will be deemed a violation. Actions taken by the owner or operator that could be deemed "unreasonable" include, but are not limited to: 

  • failing to respond to the district correspondences or other contracts made to schedule the inspection; 

  • failing to ensure that the registered engine or equipment unit is in operation for arranged "in-field inspections," where the district has provided advance notification to the owner or operator that the registered engine or equipment unit is required to be observed in operation. 

For more information about PERP inspections, contact South Coast AQMD by phone at 909-396-2325 or e-mail.

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