New Source Review Working Group Meetings

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) staff will be hosting a series of New Source Review (NSR) Working Group Meetings to discuss the availability and price of offsets that are needed for permitting new and modified stationary sources under the SCAQMD’s NSR program. The purpose of the NSR Working Group Meetings is for the SCAQMD staff to work with businesses, environmental groups, community representatives, and agencies to develop near- and long-term solutions to address the availability of NSR offsets, as well as other NSR implementation issues. These issues surrounding implementation of NSR, including recent litigation, need to be resolved to ensure businesses in our basin can modernize and to ensure that NSR-related issues do not further impact our local economy. The SCAQMD staff has formed a Working Group (Working Group Members) of interested partners to work with SCAQMD staff and other stakeholders to develop solutions. The NSR Working Group meetings will be open to the public for those wishing to attend. 

NSR Working Group Meetings will be held at the SCAQMD Headquarters, in Conference Room GB. SCAQMD Headquarters are located at 21865 Copley Drive in Diamond Bar, California.

Meeting Information

Meeting Dates  Agenda and Handouts 
January 21 Meeting Notice (PDF, 24kb)
Agenda (PDF, 22kb)
Presentation (PDF, 266kb)
February 18 
March 11 Agenda (PDF, 4kb)
Presentation (PDF, 2,230kb)
CCEEB Proposals (PDF, 92kb)
Proposed Leg. (PDF, 127kb) 
April 16  Agenda (PDF, 3kb)
Presentation (PDF, 1.37MB) 
May 12  Agenda (PDF, 3kb)
Presentation 1 (PDF, 1.05MB)
Presentation 2 (PDF, 200kb) 
June 18
July 16
(No Meeting Scheduled) 
(No Meeting Scheduled)
(No Meeting Scheduled)

For questions, comments or further information on the NSR Working Group, please contact Susan Nakamura, Planning and Rules Manager, at or 909-396-3105.