Our Commitment

The permit application process at SCAQMD has changed over the last few years. While many of the changes were internal, you will notice some differences, including:

You can help us process your permit even faster...

...by ensuring your application submittal contains all the information necessary for our engineers to speedily evaluate and permit your equipment. Most delays are related to insufficient information or incorrect fees. We have created a fee calculation worksheet to assist you in calculating the correct fees.

What you can expect from us:

We will promptly review your permit application to make sure there is enough data to begin the engineering evaluation. When your application is deemed complete, the assigned engineer will accept it for processing. A confirmation letter including your application number and the engineer's contact information will be mailed to you. 

Need more help?

If you need permit application forms or help to make sure all necessary information is provided, our Permit Services representatives are ready to help you and can be reached by calling 909-396-3385.

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