Risk Assessment Tool for Rule 1401 and 212, Version 7.0

This spreadsheet program was developed to assist in determining the cancer and non-cancer health effects pursuant to Rule 1401 Risk Assessment Procedures for Rules 1401 and 212, Version 7.0.  

 The spreadsheet program also includes specific modules for boilers and internal combustion engines fired by natural gas and for diesel internal combustion engines.  These incorporate an alternative set of dispersion factors (X/Q) for Tier 2 Analysis (see explanation on Page 14 of the Risk Assessment Procedures Version 7.0  PDF document).  The spreadsheet program has been modified so that results from dispersion analysis using EPA’s SCREEN program can be entered into the spreadsheet to calculate the risks.

The following files are presented to assist you with the calculations:

Calculator and Instructions

Example Calculations

  1. Example Calculation 1 (XLS, 36kb)
  2. Example Calculation 2 (XLS, 82kb)
  3. Example Calculation 3 (XLS, 33kb)

Additional information on this and all other aspects of the Risk Assessment Program can be found at the following link Risk Assessment Procedures for Rules 1401 and 212.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Mohan Balagopalan, Air Quality Analysis and Compliance Supervisor, at 909-396-2704 or e-mail to mbalagopalan@aqmd.gov.

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