Elements of a CAM Plan

Per 40 CFR 64, a CAM plan must:

1. Describe the indicators to be monitored [Section 64.4(a)(1)];
2. Describe the ranges or the process to set indicator ranges [Section 64.4(a)(2)];
3. Describe the performance criteria for the monitoring, including [Section 64.4(a)(3)]:

a. specifications for obtaining representative data; 

b. verification procedures to confirm the monitoring's operational status; 

c. quality assurance and control procedures

d. monitoring frequency

i.  4 times per hour (minimum) if post-control emissions are ³ MST; or

ii. 1 time per day (minimum) if post-control emissions are < MST. 


4. Describe indicator ranges and performance criteria for a CEMS, COMS, or PEMS [Section 64.3(a)(4)];
5. Provide a justification for the use of parameters, ranges, and monitoring approach [Section 64.4(b)];
6. Provide emissions test data; and, if necessary [Section 64.4(c)]
7. Provide an implementation plan for installing, testing, and operating the monitoring [Section 64.4(d)].

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