RECLAIM Trading Credits (RTCs) Trade Information

This page provides public-access trading information for RECLAIM Trading Credits (RTCs):

  • The Listing of Trade Registrations (XLS, 123kb) details trade registrations submitted to and processed by the District within the previous 90 days. The trade status for each reported transaction is also listed. These data are refreshed on SCAQMD working days (Tuesday through Friday, excluding holidays). Data shown reflect trades processed up to approximately 5 p.m. of the previous working day.

  • Historical Trade Registrations lists trade registrations for discrete years, and a single listing for all trade registrations from 1994 to the most recent complete year.

  • Listing of Trade Representatives (PDF, 313kb) identifies persons authorized by companies to conduct RTCs transactions on their behalf. This list is updated periodically.

 DISCLAIMER: While the District attempts to provide accurate information on a timely basis, users are advised to verify the listed information with the District before relying on it.

Planning on transferring RECLAIM Trading Credits?  Go to the Forms page to download the form you need.


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