Mobile Source Credits

Regulation XVI - Mobile Source Offset Programs provides opportunities to generate mobile source emission reduction credits (MSERCs) from on- and off-road mobile sources. Mobile source programs are based on a variety of purchase, retrofit, repower, or scrapping projects. MSERCs, once approved by the South Coast AQMD, can be traded or sold on the open market and used to offset emissions from stationary sources, RECLAIM, or employee commute programs.

Each rule has specific requirements that must be followed. Before implementing any MSERC program you should read the rule carefully and review all application forms, plan forms, and fee schedules. 

Rule 1610 - Old-Vehicle Scrapping

 Rule 1612 - Credits for Clean On-Road Vehicles

 Rule 1613 - Credits for Truck Stop Electrification

Rule 1620 - Credits for Clean Off-Road Mobile Equipment

Rule 1623 - Credits for Clean Lawn and Garden Equipment

Transaction Registration (Form 1600-1) - PDF
Transfer of emission credits from one person/company to another

Conversion of MSERC (Form 1600-4) - PDF
Conversion of MSERC or ASC for use by Regulation XIII, Regulation XXII or RECLAIM - RTC

Rule 2202 (f)(6) Application
Pursuant to Rule 2202 (f)(6) Other Emission Reduction Strategies, any person may submit an application to generate emission reductions from alternative emission reduction projects for use in Rule 2202. For more information see the Rule 2202 Forms, Rule, Guidelines, & Fees.

Licensed Scrappers: Who can scrap your old-vehicle
Emission Credit Vendors Where to buy emission credits - PDF

Regulation XVI - Mobile Source Offset Programs

Regulation XXV - Intercredit Trading

South Coast AQMD Rules and Regulations

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