Off-Road Compression-Ignition Equipment

Propulsion engines greater than 25 horsepower on mobile off-road equipment are eligible for CMP funding, with limitations. Off-road heavy-duty equipment/engines include, but are not limited to, construction equipment, agricultural tractors, marine engines, shore power and locomotive equipment. Portable equipment is not eligible for CMP funding.


Fleets must be in compliance with CARB’s In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation (Off-Road Regulation) in order to be eligible for funding. Large fleets are eligible for funding once after January 1, 2017.  After January 1, 2017, for those large fleets eligible for funding a second or subsequent time, only zero-emission projects are eligible.

Applicants must submit information regarding fleet size and compliance status. This must include the Diesel Off-Road On-line Reporting System (DOORS) ID of the fleet, the DOORS Compliance Snapshot, the DOORS equipment list, and the DOORS Equipment Identification Number (EIN) of the funded equipment.

Off-road projects fall into three distinct categories:

Off-road projects fall into three distinct categories: 1) repower existing equipment with an emission-certified engine, 2) retrofit with a verified-diesel emission control strategy (VDECS), and 3) replacement of an older, fully functional piece of equipment (that is to be scrapped) by a vehicle with an engine certified as meeting the current off-road emission standards, or cleaner.  Further details of these project categories are described below:

Engine Repower:

Engine repowers are commonly diesel-to-diesel repowers and significant NOx and PM benefits are achieved due to the higher emission levels of the engine being replaced. Funding is not available for projects where a spark-ignition engine (i.e., natural gas, gasoline, etc.) is replaced with a diesel engine.


Retrofit is the installation of a CARB-verified diesel emission control device on an existing engine. Examples include, but are not limited to, particulate filters and diesel oxidation catalysts.   Retrofit projects that control PM10 must use the highest level, technically feasible technology available for the equipment being retrofitted, which is defined as a device that achieves the highest level of PM10 reductions (Level 3 - 85 percent) and the highest level of NOx reductions.

Equipment Replacement:

The purchase of new or used equipment with an engine certified to the current emission standard (Tier 4 Final) or zero emission technology to replace an older, fully functional piece of equipment that is to be scrapped.

How to Apply:

NEW! Current solicitation for the Carl Moyer Program is open and accepting applications!  Please click here to apply!

Useful Links and Resources:

  • Links to CARB Rules that Affect CMP Eligibility (please check the appropriate website for applicable CARB regulation and compliance dates):

CARB Rules


In-Use Off-Road (CI)

For additional CMP information on Off-Road Equipment, please contact Alyssa Yan at (909) 396-2024 or by email at, or Walter Shen at (909) 396-2487 or by email at

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